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Helbred og glæde hos ældre

Helbred og glæde hos ældre

Nonmonogami giver også ældre mennesker:

  • flere seksuelle partnere
  • hyppigere sex
  • bedre helbred
  • højere sandsynlighed for at du har ladet dig teste for seksuelt overførte sygdomme
  • større glæde (undtagen gifte mænd, der ikke oplever en forskel)

Så det er bare at komme i gang 🙂


The association of an open relationship orientation with health and happiness in a sample of older U.S. adults
by Jim Fleckenstein i 2012


Sexual activity over the life course is strongly associated with better health and greater personal happiness, yet the sexuality of aging adults has been a neglected topic. There is a lack of research on those with a consensually non-exclusive sexual relationship style regardless of age. This research examines whether such an orientation has positive effects on sexual frequency, health and personal happiness, and how this might inform counselors and therapists providing services to older adults. The authors collected 502 responses via an online survey from individuals aged 55 and older residing in the United States who engage in consensually non-exclusive sexual relationships. Self-reported health and happiness, number of sexual partners, and sexual frequency were compared with 723 similar respondents from the nationally representative 2012 United States (US) General Social Survey. Key findings were: irrespective of formal relationship status, the non-exclusive sample reported significantly more sexual partners, more sexual frequency, better health, and were much more likely to have had an HIV test than the general US population; the nonexclusive sample also reported being significantly happier than the general population, with the exception of married men, who reported being as happy as the general population sample; and regression analyses suggest that the factors which predict better health and happiness differ between the general population and those who participate in consensually non-exclusive sexual relationships. In summary, this study examines sexuality among the healthy aging population. Participation (or interest in participation), in consensual non-exclusive sexual relationship styles can be rewarding and contribute to personal health and happiness, as much as or more than monogamous marriages.

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